Urloved Photography

by shererj

Recently in the Bay area, a photography company called, Urloved refused service to a same-sex couple based solely on the fact that they were same-sex.  This photography company focuses on photographs of weddings.  They ended up changing their policy all together and would no longer photograph any couple to avoid being charged.  It is illegal to discriminate against same-sex couples this way in California.  I think it is absolutely ridiculous that instead of serving this couple and being more excepting, that they changed their policy altogether and would not serve any couple.  I think that these people need to be more open minded.  The name of their photography company is ‘Urloved’ but they really don’t seem to be sending this message.  I read an article that was commenting on this incident and saying that they think it is unfair as well.  They also owned a photography company and they are accepting of all couples. They started realizing that “many photographers say gay clients are welcome only to discover they’ve never photographed any same-sex couples. It becomes apparent that these claims were less a show of solidarity and more so a marketing method for gay (and ally) dollars”.  This just shows that there is still progress to be made and the struggle never seems to end.

-Jaclyn Sherer