Perceptions of the Narrator

by monicaronquillo

In “Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy” the narrator was the sister of the queer character in the story; I found this to be a new perspective as most of the pieces we have read have been told from the point of view of a queer character. I really felt like this piece gave the reader the chance to see what the “coming out” process is like from a family member’s view point. I thought it was creative of Ruiz to create the sister character as someone who is schizophrenic and has an anxiety disorder. To me this seemed to make me find the relationship between how the sister processed the news that her brother is now her sister and how other family members may react or process this news even without being schizophrenic. I really loved how the piece brought the reader along for the questions and acceptances the narrator had to come to terms with in her own mind to realize that she no longer had a brother but instead a sister. The end of the story was my favorite because after the sister’s struggle to come to terms with her brother’s new identity yet even through it all she final comes to see her new sister and love her just as much as she loved her when she was her brother.