Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy

by duparm

Although this short story was confusing at times and hard to follow, I think that it addressed issues that needed to be addressed. Throughout the class we have been reading articles and stories with the queer character as the narrator. In “Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy” the narrator was not the queer character but instead was the sister. I liked this because it shows the difficulty in telling family members about one’s queer identity and how that affects them. The sister was written with a schizophrenic and anxiety disorder so the thought process of her accepting her brother was very frantic and broken. But I think this thought process could be associated with many family members or loved ones that are trying to accept their loved one. I think that many people can identify with the confusion and dream like state when first learning about the queer identity that a person close to them has taken. Many of the emotions and acts that the sister goes through are common for family members or friends to have. I know that telling friends and family for the first time can be very very difficult and I like how in “Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy” the difficulty in accepting a family member or friend is shown also. But I think my favorite part in the whole story is that the sister does accept her sibling because although it was hard for her, it was even harder for her now sister to do what she did.

-Michelle Dupar