Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy

by trana20

Reading Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy by Judy Ruiz, touched a place close to home for me personally. I’ve always prided myself in thinking that i’m an open minded person that I would be able to accept people for who they were as long as they were good people. When a close friend of mine confided in me about thinking they were a gender different than the one they were born with i didn’t know how to feel. At that point in my life i had never really thought about genders other than male or female i didn’t know trans people existed because in my world at the time it was not something i was aware of. At the time i felt lost, i didn’t know how to help one of my closest friends when they were lost. The one thing i love about todays world is that technology made the world a smaller place in a way. On the internet people have found places where they feel like the belong.

Many people criticized that technology has made people less social but i feel like it’s done the complete opposite and connected people who may have never met and save lives of people may have given up.