My Brother is Now my Sister

by kellamn

My Brother is Now my Sister

~Nicole Kellams~

What if your brother one day became your sister? A similar thing happened in “Oranges and Sweet Sister Boy”. I related to the story because I have a brother who I do identify as being a ‘boy’ and can’t truly imagine him becoming a sister. This may be easier to transition into if he gave indications of not liking being a ‘boy’ and wanted to be a girl. It would be much more of a shock if just one day, out of the blue my brother did become my sister.

The character in the story had a little bit more of an indication that something like this was going to happen. A big clue was that the brother dressed in drag most Halloweens’. But still it seemed that the main character had problems accepting this change of identity. Why I think it would be a big change is because you then feel that you do not truly know what your sibling is like if you have to change such a huge part of them in your perception.

In the end what should happen is to accept your sibling despite what gender they choose to be, who they choose to love, and what they choose to do in their own lives. To support them through these changes and to accept that it is their life and they are living it like they want. they will still be the same person, only with a different identification for themselves.