by burrm3

There are many sides to a person that others do not, cannot, or do not need to see. I question quite frequently people’s obsession with authenticity. I see the guy next to me in the disability resource center giving me weird looks because I seem perfectly able, and he is wheelchair bound. I see people look at me funny because I refuse to read out loud in class. I have dyslexia, a learning disability that makes reading, writing, math, and pretty much anything on paper incredibly difficult for me to process. But, unless I told you, or you watched me try to read out loud you would never know that I have dyslexia. This inability to tell upon seeing me that I have a learning disability, makes people constantly question my authenticity. I find this so much more with the disabled community. Why is it that we question each other more than people on the outside looking in? People need proof for everything in our world, if we can’t see it, we refuse to believe it. Many people have no problem arguing the prescence of a higher power, but the mention of invisible disability? How dare you. Help me out here people! WHY?