by greerl820

As we stumble into our final post for this quarter, I’d like to look at it in regards to reflection to some of the content we’ve discussed in the past. I’m sure many of you are away of the decision that was made regarding the Mike Brown Grand Jury hearing and how Darrell Wilson failed to be indicted. Looking at the talk that we listened to by Leslie Feinberg about the history of The Stonewall Riots, we are still today working and fighting within a system of oppression.

I found the juxtaposition of the whole situation jarring and it feels as with we are simply repeating the past, and although one minority level obviously doesn’t equate to another, we can almost look at this in that the media is performing some universalizing qualities whilst also ignoring the minority aspects of it. The way the situation with Mike Brown is playing out just goes to show how little we have in fully discussing past oppressions, and that we has a society can only grow and actually learn once we understand how the different levels of intersectionality and oppression actually do affect us all. I hope that our strong impact to simply discuss things in a more open context helps change history and how we can better help these various forms of oppression.

-L. Greer